The STAR Funded Short Introductory Courses cover a wide variety of career paths from restaurants, electronics, childcare, building, reception, farming and many more. These are interesting courses lasting between 2 and 4 days. They are very practical and hands on.

Courses present job knowledge and skills but importantly, they also explain what is required to get employed in the particular work area. This includes qualification requirements and training possibilities.

STAR courses are offered by a variety of private providers mainly within the city. Students will also have the opportunity to gain Unit Standards and a certificate of course completion which will be useful to add to their CVs.

STAR courses are available mainly to Year 12 and 13 students. Course cost is covered by the school. Course choices are advertised in the Careers Centre and on the Cashmere High School Careers website - You can also come in and make an appointment with Mrs Newton in the Careers Centre to discuss options.

  • Willemyn Newton
    Careers Pathway Coordinator