Procedures for Award Prizes

Prizes are presented at their respective year level end-of-year prize giving ceremonies, as recognition and celebration of excellence. It is also recognized that such prizes can be an important motivation for students to strive for - for both the status as well as the financial rewards they provide.

These procedures are provide some clarity in how our annual prizes are awarded to students, with the aim of helping students and staff to know what is expected to achieve the top prizes.

The final decision for the awarding of all the following prizes is made by the school Principal in consultation with the year Head of School and appropriate member(s) of the SLT, and no appeals/correspondence will be considered once the decision is formally announced. The names of award winners are confidential until announced at the year level end-of-year prize giving ceremony.

At each year level end-of-year prize giving there will be awarded the following:

  • Highest academic achieving student.
  • Top all-round student across both academic and co-curricular of the school
  • Special prizes - which can vary for each year level due to historical gifting of prizes.

Click on the link below for information about the awards offered at each year level:

Procedures for Awarding Annual Prizes