Students at Cashmere High School are equipped with a high quality education in a wide variety of subjects.  It is our staff who truly bring the curriculum to life. We are extremely fortunate to be able to attract and retain a group of highly qualified and experienced teachers.  Students benefit greatly from the commitment, expertise and passion of our teachers and form positive and supportive relationships with them. 

As students progress through the school, they are able to select subjects leading toward their career choices and further study beyond school.  A Studies Choice handbook is published each year; it gives details of courses being offered, their entry requirements and any related costs. Read more...

Year 9 and 10 students are broadly streamed into ability classes for their core subjects.  In Year 9, our entrance testing, contributing school data and enrolment information determine classes. However, there is room for movement between classes as the year progresses and students’ abilities are further assessed.

Year 9

We believe it is important for students to try a wide range of subjects in their first year at secondary school.  This means that they have a good basis from which to select optional subjects at Year 10 and beyond.  For most Year 9 students our curriculum is a compulsory one.
A small number of students will not be required to study a language.  We realise that for these students more time spent on the core subjects, English and Mathematics for example, better meets their learning needs.

Junior Graduation System

All Year 9 and 10 students are involved in a graduation system in which points are awarded to students by each of their subject teachers.  Graduation points are awarded for demonstrating a positive attitude, completing class work, bringing the correct equipment and completing homework.  Attendance is also monitored and points are deducted for any unexplained absence. Graduation Reports are issued at the end of Terms 1, 2 and 3 and students are required to maintain an average of 60% or more in order to graduate to the next year level.

Years 10 to 13

As students move through the school more optional subjects become available and at Year 13 all subjects are optional.  Students enter the National Certificate of Education Achievement (NCEA) at Levels 1, 2 and 3, with Scholarship also available. 

Different courses in some subjects may be offered at the same year level and further detail of this is provided in our Studies Choice booklet, available by contacting the school office.  Providing varying packages of learning and assessment through different courses is one of the ways we show our commitment to meet the learning needs of all students. 

Multi-level study is often undertaken in the senior school.  This means that students may select courses from two or more year levels in any one year.  Again, multi-level programmes are designed with the learning needs of individual students in mind.