Since 2002 the National Certificate in Educational Achievement (NCEA) has been New Zealand's national qualification for secondary school students.

The specific levels of the NCEA qualifications (and usual year studied):

  • Level 1 NCEA (studied at Year 11)
  • Level 2 NCEA (studied at Year 12)
  • Level 3 NCEA (studied at Year 13)
  • New Zealand Scholarship Award (studied at Year 13)
  • University Entrance (for New Zealand Universities)

Answers to frequently asked questions are available in the documents below.

At a parents information evening, on 10th March, the following key questions and answers were provided.

The NZQA website has further information about NCEA qualifications.


For enquiries about NZQA and NCEA qualifications matters please contact:

Ms Laura Martin
NZQA/NCEA Management at Cashmere High School
Tel: (03) 3329129 (extension 716)
E-mail: mil@cashmere.school.nz