Student Leadership

At Cashmere High School we seek to develop leadership skills and potential in our students. There are many ways leadership is fostered such as sports captains, our competitive house competition and through the many music, drama and school groups and clubs.

Our main formal leadership opportunity is our Student Council.

Student Council

The Cashmere High Student Council is a group of elected students who represent the school. We organize events, charity donations and we address and discuss important ideas that have been put forward to us from the student body.

The main aim of the council is to make sure that every voice is heard within the school and to make sure that everyone's needs are catered for.

The council consists of two representatives from each year level, a secretary, a representative from the international sector, our school youth workers, a member of staff to oversee meetings, house leaders, head and deputy head students.

Each year level council forwards information and ideas to their year level representative, who bring these to discussion at the full school council meetings, held fortnightly, along with any other issues and suggestions.

Cashmere is a very large and diverse school and it is vital that all students have the opportunity to voice their opinions, ideas and concerns within the school. Therefore as a council we offer our help, time and effort in order to make these positive ideas become a reality and address and find solutions for all potential issues.

Head Students:

  • Niva Chittock-Greenwood
  • Anzac Gallate

Dep Heads:

  • Maggie McInnes
  • Gareth Evans

House Heads:

  • Rosie Dalkie (Blake)
  • Josh Law (Blake)
  • Maia Reid (Britten)
  • Will Foster (Britten)
  • Minnie Robson-Cabout (Cooper)
  • Gareth Evans (Cooper)
  • Ella Blomley (Ngata)
  • James Sexton (Ngata)
  • Isabella Green (Rutherford)
  • Joel Batchelor (Rutherford)
  • Sophie Johnston (Sheppard)
  • Thomas Flynn (Sheppard)

Year 13

  • TBC ( Year 13 - co-opted as Secretary and World Vision Rep)

Year 12:

  • Jess Tater
  • Nathan Balmer

Year 11:

  • Nina MacDonald
  • Joe Barendrecht

Year 10:

  • Sophie Hartshaw
  • Jono Blackie

Year 9:

  • Lucia Tod
  • Caleb Wood

Board of Trustees Student Rep:

  • James Hanlon

Maori/Pasifika Student Rep:

  • Naquita Cross

Procedures for Student Leadership

Our school is committed to helping to develop confident and able young leaders across a wide range of areas in our school.

We seek to offer a number of opportunities for students to experience leadership responsibilities. The following procedures set out the processes the school uses to appoint students to formal leadership positions.

Procedures for appointing student leadership roles