Cashmere High School: Global Winners of ‘The Zayed Future Energy Prize’ for 2016

Cashmere High School is absolutely delighted and honoured to win ‘The Zayed Future Energy Prize’ for 2016 in the Global High Schools Category. This global award as presented at a ceremony in Abu Dhabi (United Arb Emirates), to our school delegation of Mr Leith Cooper (Lead Teacher) and student representatives Nola Smart and Lily Williams.

This year there were a record 1,437 entries across 97 countries, with projects focused on environmental sustainability and renewable energy.

With this award our school wins US$100,000 to further develop and implement our award-winning sustainable energy project called “ecoDriver”.

Our ecoDriver project started back in 2012, with the aim of reducing energy use and developing energy efficient practices. It has been a project designed by students, to inspire students. It has involved installing ‘smart meters’ providing real-time data on our energy use, a “Switch Off” campaign that reduced energy use by 10%, and then replacing 50% of fluorescent bulbs with LED lights creating a further 20% reduction in consumption. There has also been an active student-led progamme to inform and encourage students to take action. The prize funding will be used to extend our ecoDriver project in the school through installing solar panels, a wind-turbine and piezoelectric floor tiles.

The following video clip was produced by the organisers of 'The Zayed Future Energy Prize' as part of the award ceremony for 2016.


The following video clip was produced by CTV News.

Cashmere High School had actually been a finalist for this prestigious award in 2015. Cashmere students Sam Andrist and Liam Senior along with Teacher Mr Leith Cooper had represented our school at the award ceremony in Abu Dhabi in January 2015. Our school was selected as one of the three finalists for this international award in the Global High Schools, Oceania category, out of 1100 entries from 84 countries. While we were unsuccessful in winner the prize in 2015, our student group were inspired to modify and resubmitted their entry for 2016.