CHS Zone

The Geographic Zone

The Secretary for Education has approved an amendment to the Cashmere High School zone, which was adopted by the school's Board of Trustees on Wednesday 16th May. The new zone boundaries will take effect from 1st Jan 2019 and will apply to all pre-enrolled for 2019.

The Cashmere High School Geographic or Home Zone is defined by the streets on the boundary of the zone. Houses on both sides of these streets are included in the zone.

Photograph of Mark Wilson Photograph of Mark Wilson

Starting from the junction of Frankleigh Street / Sparks Road / Lyttleton Street,

    • West along Sparks Road to the intersection of Sparks and Rydal Street,
    • West along Sparks Road to the intersection of Sparks and Rydal Street,
    • South along Rydal Street to Northaw Street
    • West on Northaw Street to Rollesby Street (including addresses to 16 Northaw Street),
    • South on Rollesby Street to Rydal Street
    • South along Rydal Street to Leistrella Road
    • East on Leistrella Road to Hoon Hay Road (including all addresses on Leistrella Road up to number 35).
    • South along Hoon Hay Road to Blakiston Street (including Barossa Lane)
    • West on Blakiston Street to Kaiwara Street,
    • North, then West and South on Kaiwara Street to Cashmere Road (including Penmarc Lane),
    • West along Cashmere Road (including Boonwood Close) to Hoon Hay Valley Road,
    • Along Hoon Hay Valley Road to the southern end of the road, then
    • Following a line directly across to the Summit Road / Worsleys Road intersection (including all Worsleys Road Addresses) and
    • Along the Summit Road to the junction with Gebbies Pass Road (including all residences accessed from this portion of the Summit Road, including addresses 685, 703 and 706 Gebbies Pass Road),
    • From the junction of Gebbies Pass and the Summit Road, in a straight line to Port Levy
    - Including all residences on Purau Port levy Road, Camp Bay Road.
    - Including addresses in Port Levy; including Old Port Levy Road, Wharf Road, Fields Road, Fernlea Point Road, addresses down to 1251 Western Valley Road, Richfield Road, addresses down to 899 Port Levy-Pigeon Bay Road, Pa Road, Jetty Road, Puari Road, and Putiki Road.
    • From Port Levy, West along the coast line (past Diamond Harbour) to Governors Bay, then north east along the coast line to a point on the coast due west of 20 Park Terrace (in Corsair Bay),
    • North along Park Terrace to Governors Bay Road,
    • West along Governors Bay Road to 90 Governors Bay Road, then
    • Following a line from 90 Governors Bay Road, north west to the Summit Road / Rapaki Road (Track) intersection.
    • North along Rapaki Road to 90 Rapaki Road, then
    • Following a line north to the Port Hills Road / Opawa Road (SH76) intersection (including addresses 361-385 Port Hills Road)
    • North on Opawa Road (SH76) to Opawa Road,
    • West on Opawa Road, across the river to Brougham Street,
    • West on Brougham Street to Selwyn Street,
    • South along Selwyn Street to Coronation Street,
    • South west along Coronation Street to Barrington Street,
    • South along Barrington Street to Stourbridge Street (including Sefton Place and Kinver Place)
    • South west along Stourbridge Street to Lyttelton Street
    • South along Lyttelton Street to the junction with Frankleigh Street and Sparks Road.