ERO Report

The Education Review Office (ERO) is a government department whose purpose is to evaluate and report publicly on the education and care of students in schools.

Cashmere High School's most recent ERO report was published in November 2013. Our school is very proud of this report, which is a very positive endorsement of the excellent leadership in our school and the outstanding work being done by our staff to support the learning and achievement of our students. This ERO report also states that our school is "is very well placed to sustain and improve its performance” and we have been placed on the four-to-five year review cycle.

Please click on the link below to read this most recent report (November 2013).

Our school's previous ERO visit was back in August 2010. To view a copy of this report, please click on the link below.

Cashmere High School – building professional capability through learning walks

A vision to take the school from good to great is the driver for improvement at Cashmere High School. As part of achieving that vision, the principal has focused on developing a culture of evaluation and inquiry that involves scrutinising data to identify strengths and weaknesses, discussing solutions openly and critically, and improving the effectiveness of professional practice. The principal wants to know “what’s good, but also what’s not good enough.”

Professional learning walks provide an opportunity for teachers to observe and reflect on effective teaching strategies that will assist, challenge and improve their practice – leading to increased engagement and achievement for students in their classes. more,