Pastoral Care

To support students and keep them safe at school we have an extensive Pastoral Care system.

  • The Form Teacher assists with daily administration, such as notices, absence follow up, and general guidance.
  • Classroom Teachers support student learning and encourage good work habits.
  • Heads of School (Dean of each year level) help keep the school safe by following up discipline issues and guiding student decision making.
  • Careers Staff provide advice and guidance on further tertiary study opportunities and employment options beyond schooling.
  • Our Senior Peer support programme uses mature senior students to be role models and be friendly “go to people” for younger students.
  • Guidance Counsellors are available for students needing personal support and guidance.
  • The Nurse and Health Clinic are open so students can access free health care and advice from registered professionals.
  • Students can be referred to a mentoring programme with youth workers to help keep engaged in school and make good life choices.